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  2. If you decide an uncontested divorce is right for you, we may agree to represent you.

  3. We prepare the divorce documents and file them with the Court.

  4. We will send your spouse the divorce documents to sign. Once signed, we attend Court on the uncontested docket date. In most cases, you will be granted a divorce on that day.

We focus on uncontested divorce cases: situations where both sides want a divorce, and there are no disagreements over property division, debt division, visitation, or custody.

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Asa has helped hundreds of Arkansans with debt and family law issues across Arkansas. Asa is a member of all Arkansas State and Federal Courts, the American Bar Association, the Arkansas Bar Association, and the Arkansas Trial Lawyer’s Association.

Arkansas Divorce Basics

Arkansas Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over divorces and other family law issues in Arkansas.  To begin a divorce, one spouse must file a complaint for divorce with the circuit clerk of the appropriate Arkansas county.  Arkansas divorce cases are usually filed in the county where the plaintiff (the spouse filing the lawsuit) has lived for the past 60 days.  Arkansas Circuit Courts charge a $160 filing fee to file a divorce case. 

To file a divorce in Arkansas, one spouse must allege “grounds” against the other party.  “Grounds” for divorce are the plaintiff’s reasons for ending the divorce. Arkansas recognizes the following grounds for dissolving standard marriages:

  • Impotent at the time of marriage

  • Convicted of a felony or other infamous crime

  • Habitual drunkenness for a year or more

  • Cruel and barbarous treatment (life-threatening)

  • General indignities

  • Adultery

  • Living separate and apart for 18 months

In a standard marriage, one spouse must claim that the other spouse has committed one of these grounds, and then prove that to the court to get a divorce. 

In Arkansas divorce cases, Arkansas courts usually enter a restraining order after filing.  This restraining order prevents either spouse from moving children out of the state, selling property, or otherwise disposing of assets. 

We can help answer any questions you may have about divorce in a free consultation.

Arkansas Uncontested Divorce

In Arkansas, an uncontested divorce or simple divorce is a divorce case where both spouses want to end the marriage, and there is no disagreement over grounds, child custody, or property division. 

An uncontested divorce is the cheapest way to file divorce in Arkansas.  Generally, the divorce can be filed and the parties can enter agreements about property and custody.  The Court must review and approve these agreements. We can draft and file Arkansas uncontested divorce papers for a flat fee. 

Arkansas Contested Divorce  and Property Division

When there is a disagreement over divorce, custody, or property, the case is considered a contested divorce case.   Obviously, these divorce cases are more difficult and require evidence gathering, court appearances, possible depositions, and trial. 

In a divorce, property is generally classified into two types: marital property and non-marital property.  Arkansas marital property is any property that has been acquired by either spouse during the marriage. This includes real property like lands and homes, and personal property like cars and furniture. In Arkansas, parties can generally keep any property they had before the marriage.  Any property acquired during the marriage is considered “marital property.” This property is usually divided 50/50 unless there are factors that move the line. Fairness and the actions of each spouse will determine whether the 50/50 division is changed.

We offer Arkansas contested divorce representation for a flat-fee structure.  Contact Asa for more details.

We also offer custody and visitation representation as part of the contested divorce case.

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